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  1. ICD 11
  2. Cognitive behaviour therapy
  3. Preparing and reviewing scientific papers
  4. Neuromodulation treatment
  5. Perinatal mental health care
  6. New drug treatments in Psychiatry
  7. Pharmacotherapy in pregnancy  Spanish                        
  8. Tele-psychiatry                                Spanish                       
  9. Prevention of suicide                     Spanish                       
  10. Treatment in Old Age                    Spanish
  1. Opening Plenary
  2. Plenary 2 – Working together for better mental health: the roles and contributions of the World Health Organization and of the United Nations
  3. Plenary 3 – Promoting mental health in the social context of the 21st Century
  4. Plenary 4 – The impact and consequences of the COVID pandemic for psychiatry
  5. Closing Plenary
  1. Application of ethical rules in Psychiatry
  2. Genetics & Psychiatry: Expectations & achievements
  3. Future perspectives of mental health care
  1. Plans for the utilization of WPA’s achievements 2017-20
  2. Mental Health in Covid Times (1): Providing mental health services during pandemic in European countries
  3. Mental Health in Covid Times (2): The global impact
  4. Mental health in COVID Times (3):  The impact  Spanish
  5. Managing the COVID pandemic – views from the WPA collaborating Centres
  1. Public mental health
  2. Early interventions in psychiatry
  3. LD & autism
  4. Undergraduate education in psychiatry
  5. Infant, child & adolescent mental health
  6. Suicide prevention     Spanish
  7. Youth mental health  Spanish
  8. TBD
  1. Psychiatric treatment in the context of culture
  2. Psychiatric treatments other than pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy like Deep brain stimulation, others
  3. Psychotherapy 2021: Challenges & achievements
  4. Pharmacotherapy in old age
  5. Digitalisation and mental health Care
  6. Digitalization and mental health care  Spanish 
  7. Management of movement disorders including tardive dyskinesia
  8. TBD
  1. Co-morbidity with mental illnesses
  2. Urban Mental Health: Challenges & opportunities
  3. Fighting the stigma of mental disorders
  4. Minimizing coercion in mental health care
  5. Migration, refuges mental health
  6. WPA Action in Emergencies and catastrophes
  7. Perspectives of control of alcohol and drug use problems
  8. Collaboration between people with lived experience, carers and health care agents
  9. Meet the WPA Council – The future of psychiatry as seen by the members of the Council
  10. Promoting mental health of women     Spanish
  4. WPA, Carter Centre, Journalists
  5. WPA, IACAPAP, Children, Women Mental Health
  6. WPA, Pts, Carers & families   Spanish
  7. WPA & Regional Associations
  8. WPA & WFN; World Parkinson